Trent Williams isn’t going anywhere.

In the weeks leading up to the NFL Draft, the 49ers were telegraphing that they would take a tackle — the successor to Trent Williams, it was presumed — with the team’s first-round pick.

But when the top of the first round featured seemingly nothing but quarterbacks, receivers, and offensive tackles, taking some presumed viable options for the 49ers off the board well before the team went on the clock, San Francisco pivoted.

And when the Niners didn’t trade up to select Washington tackle Roger Rosengarten in the second round, the message it sent was unmistakable.

Williams, 35, has flirted with retirement in recent seasons, but he is under contract to play for three more seasons with the Niners.

By not taking his heir apparent in this draft, San Francisco has told the league they believe they’re getting at least two of those seasons from Williams.

Otherwise, they would have taken a tackle and given him a season to learn from the master before taking over in 2025.

This is not a team that messes around in the draft regarding positions of need. But they drafted two guards who can be swing tackles at best this week. There’s no apparent heir on the roster.

The Niners clearly don’t think they need one until this time next year, at the earliest.

And as for Colton McKivitz, the team’s publicly maligned right tackle — you can do better, you can do worse, and the Niners like him far more than the public. Those two guards they selected? Both are from the McKivitz/Dan Brunskill school of versatile offensive linemen.

McKivitz might not be the long-term option, but he will be the guy for the job in the short term.

The 49ers aren’t just building around Brock Purdy; they’re going to change their offense for him, too.

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