Baylor Scheierman was a highly sought-after transfer a few seasons ago. He ended up at Creighton where he became a fan favorite and big shot maker. Now, it is time to head to the NBA and he will be an intriguing name as a Day 2 pick for the 2024 NBA Draft.

Baylor Scheierman 2024 NBA Draft Profile

College Career

Scheierman started at South Dakota State where he put up monster numbers and had endless bluebloods calling for his services. He ultimately chose Creighton and fit seamlessly into their offense and system.

Scheierman averaged 18.5 points, 9.0 rebounds, and 3.9 assists on 44.8/38.1/87.6 shooting splits. He also earned All-Big East and All-Region honors this season. Ultimately, he showed he could compete at a high-level after transferring and having a monster season in the uber tough Big East.


The first thing you notice when watching Scheierman is his ability to create shots. This goes for both himself and his teammates. He is comfortable being uncomfortable. Also, he is a master of using his pivot to create space. Whether it is playing with his back to the basket, flying off a screen, or playing in isolation, Scheierman can get a good shot off.

Next, Scheierman’s shotmaking ability is on display. This is a guy who shot between 36% and 47% from deep on at least five threes per game over the last four years. Film study would tell you half of those threes were incredibly tough looks too. It felt like Scheierman was the recipient of several grenades from his teammates. To shoot as well as he did with his shot difficulty is remarkable.

Finally, his attitude is a strength. Scheierman fully believes he is a dog and he plays like it. He wants the ball, the spotlight, and the pressure. The level of confidence he has will help him play at a high level because he has great size and NBA talent.

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While his attitude is a strength, it can also be a weakness. Scheierman believes he can make any shot and that every shot is a good one. That leads to a 60% three-point attempt rate even though he can get a better look many times off the dribble. Confidence is a great thing but it is important to pair it with a high basketball IQ and an understanding of how to get to your spots. If Scheierman can comfortably figure out ways to find his hot spots, his offensive game will be top notch.

The other issue for Scheierman is his lateral quickness and agility. He has some highlight dunks in his career and is a good leaper but he is more of a finesse player when it comes to lateral movements. He will be responsible for guarding NBA wings and those attributes will be tested on a nightly basis. A summer working on lateral quickness will go a long way.

NBA Player Comparison

This one feels too easy. Scheierman and Joe Ingles compare almost too well. Both are very good scorers with endless moves to their game. Both are above-average playmakers and rebounders which results in stuffing stat sheets. Lastly, both guys have plenty of attitude that they play with. Another similar player is Kevin Huerter. Scheierman can play off a hub like Huerter does and shoot or make plays for others.

2024 NBA Draft Projection

Early second round.

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