We all know Davis Schneider’s bat has power and pop, but we’ve seen impressive defense from him since Spring Training this season. While he may be small in height, he plays a big game. When he’s not hitting home runs, he’s making diving catches or hustling in the outfield to make strong throws and catches. There was talk about Schneider possibly playing second base this season, but now he’s found a nice home in the outfield.

Schneider made an amazing catch against the New York Yankees on Tuesday evening, and his teammate Yusei Kikuchi certainly appreciated the effort. It was a sensational diving catch that wasn’t caught out of pure luck. Schneider ran, hustled, and dived to do everything he could to make the catch to keep the Blue Jays on the winning side of the game. This is the type of hustle that was not present in the 2023 playoffs. The Blue Jays need this intensity to keep up with the AL East this season.

They’ve been playing well recently, and if they can get a nice winning streak going, they will continue to be a hot team in the AL East. Does Schneider want a Gold Glove? If he continues to make diving catches, anything is possible. Just a reminder that the Blue Jays have not lost a game that Schneider has started in. Is this a coincidence? I think not! Whoever said that Schneider was a defensive liability surely is hiding now. It’s encouraging to see the hustle from Schneider as he enters his second season with the Blue Jays. A 50% catch probability on that play from Schneider is impressive from a non-traditional outfielder.

Defense Is Vital

For someone who’s habitually been labeled as a “poor defender,” Schneider knows how to get after it in left field. It’s nice to see, and Blue Jays fans are thrilled. He seems to have been fielding the position very well since spring training. Schneider has been working hard in the outfield, which has paid off. Schneider deserves to be in the starting lineup for more games. The fact that the Blue Jays haven’t lost a game yet when he’s started speaks for itself. It’s stirring to see a rookie making monumental catches in the outfield in a position, not second nature to them. Congratulations to Schneider on continuing to silence critics and for the spectacular defense we’ve seen from him.

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