Carlo Mendez goes shirtless in this exclusive clip from his new movie Demise!

The 46-year-old actor, who is the younger brother of Eva Mendes, stars in the erotic-thriller as Latino landscaper Caleb Castillo.

In this exclusive clip from the movie, we see Caleb discussing his affair while working in the garden with Alan (Lamar Alexander).

Check out the clip and find out more inside…

Here’s the movie’s synopsis: Latino landscaper, Caleb Castillo, leads a double life: he is entangled in a steamy affair with rising fashion star, Fiona Hernandez, while simultaneously devoted to his beautiful wife, Celine, who wants a child more than anything in the world. As Fiona’s patience wears thin with Caleb’s promises to leave his wife, Celine discovers Caleb’s infidelity and they break up. As Caleb and Fiona begin to forge a new life together, Celine becomes obsessed with reclaiming what she believes is rightfully hers, including Caleb’s newborn son, Brody. It appears that she may just succeed.

Also starring the movie are Liz Fenning and Crystal Hernandez. Yara Estrada Lowe serves as writer and director.

Demise is currently out now on digital and VOD!

Check out the hot clip here…

Browse through the gallery to see the film’s poster and stills…

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