Emily Blunt is sharing a terrifying story about something that happened while she was in Australia filming her new movie The Fall Guy.

The Oscar-nominated actress opened up during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night (April 29) in Hollywood.

Emily revealed that she and her husband John Krasinski encountered a terrifying spider!

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“I know everyone [goes Down Under] and they talk about an Australian animal story, but I do have one… So Australia was very welcoming, love it – and the spiders were also very welcoming!” Emily said.

She continued, “There was a night where I was just sitting having a quiet drink with John on the terrace, and I looked inside and I saw one of those Huntsmen. You know how people go ‘It was the size of your hand!’? It was like a bird, it was full wingspan, and I had to take a sip and I went [to John]: ‘You’re up!’”

John is very good with most insects, but he has a bit of a thing about spiders. But I was like, you’re still up,” she joked. “He walked out and said everything was fine, but then he got outside and it was pitch black, so he couldn’t see it – but he felt the spider [moving] in the Tupperware… And then he released it, and shook it out, but didn’t know if it was out because it was dark. And that was the inside inner scream.”

Jimmy suggested that John should have thrown the entire container outside.

Emily said, “I know! Why did he keep the Tupperware? I’m not going to put the leftover pesto in it. Just chuck it!”

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