Sources are now speaking out about why Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her estranged husband Ryan Anderson reportedly broke up.

The pair got married in a jailhouse ceremony back in 2022. On March 29, 2024, three months after she was released from prison on parole, Gypsy confirmed that she and Ryan were separating. Gypsy was imprisoned for eight years for her role in the murder of her mom Dee Dee. She was released on parole in December.

Now, a source is sharing what allegedly went down in the three months they lived together after her release from prison.

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Firstly, a source told TMZ that Gypsy did not like Ryan‘s alleged hoarding issues in their 2 bedroom apartment. The site wrote, “Ryan allegedly collects and keeps food items in bulk,” and the “hoarding behavior reminded her of her late mother.”

There was also apparently a lot of old food items in the fridge that needed to be discarded, and when she did just that, he allegedly got upset. The fridge “sparked a huge argument, which left Gypsy feeling shaken” and “she found it scary he got so worked up about a fridge.”

In addition, Ryan apparently snored, which made it hard for Gypsy to sleep. And the site also reports that Gypsy prefers a colder sleeping temperature, but Ryan was reportedly quite warm at night.

Here’s what Ryan said about their split.

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