Matt offered his take on the future of Little People, Big World. Pic credit: Discovery+

This week’s Little People, Big World finale episode left viewers on a cliffhanger.

The long-running TLC reality show has been popular since 2006 and opened viewers’ eyes to the fact that despite their short stature, little people live ordinary lives just like the rest of us.

While the show initially intended to educate viewers about what it’s like to be a little person in an average-sized world, the storyline eventually focused on the Roloff family’s drama.

LPBW ran for an impressive 25 seasons on TLC, and Season 25, Episode 10 — titled Time to Move On? — ended with exes Matt and Amy Roloff reflecting on their past and their time on the hit reality TV show, making it seem like a sendoff to their tens of millions of viewers.

So, can we expect to see more LPBW in the future, or was this week’s episode a final farewell to Roloff fans?

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Now that Matt Roloff is no longer under contract with TLC, he’s speaking out and shedding some light on the future of LPBW, if there is one.

Matt Roloff gives his take on the future of Little People, Big World

Matt took to Facebook to explain everything in detail now that he and the rest of the cast have officially fulfilled their filming obligations.

Matt posed five of the most common questions he’s asked by LPBW fans, and the first was, “Was Tuesday’s episode the ‘Season’ or ‘Series’ Finale?”

The 62-year-old father of four noted that he enjoyed working alongside his fiancee, Caryn Chandler, and even his ex-wife, Amy, and her husband, Chris Marek.

Then, Matt explained, “Here is my opinion on why TLC didn’t announce (at least not yet) this was the ‘Series’ finale vs’ Season’ Finale. Clip look-back special shows in the works?? Maybe?”

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Matt went on to detail how the network teased canceling the show at certain points throughout its tenure, how all of the Roloff children eventually walked away from filming, and how filming eventually disrupted the family’s lives, especially the children’s.

Matt believes that TLC has been holding off on telling viewers that LPBW is kaput because fans of the show enjoy watching the drama play out between the castmates.

“This is WHY I THINK there is some hesitation to announce from TLC that the show is over,” Matt continued. “Viewers want relationship drama and then resolutions.”

Can LPBW fans look forward to Roloff family spinoffs?

As far as Matt is concerned, there is a possibility that LPBW might continue, just in a different format. He teased the idea of possible specials and spinoffs as a possibility.

“It’s my opinion that you just never know what might happen in the future? Nobody really knows at this point,” Matt wrote.

“You never know what the future may bring so if you are me– (and apparently TLC too?) I hate saying goodbye– Only See ya later!” Matt concluded.

So the question remains: will TLC push for some LPBW spinoffs and specials, and would viewers be interested in watching? And was Tuesday’s episode a Season finale or a Series finale?

Only time will tell, but for now, we’re betting that longtime fans of the show would still like to see more from the Roloffs.

Season 25 of LPBW ended on a high note

Since all of Matt and Amy’s kids have opted not to film anymore, any future episodes would focus on Matt and Caryn and Amy and Chris’s relationships.

Matt and Caryn didn’t televise their wedding, so something tells us that it would be an LPBW special that fans of the show would certainly tune in for.

And one thing is for sure amid all of the uncertainty: the Roloffs bid adieu to LPBW in the best way possible, showing that Matt and Amy and their new significant others can get along despite all the struggles they’ve faced.

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Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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