Host Jeff Probst has been with Survivor since the first season. Pic credit: CBS

The sad news recently came out that Survivor alum Sonja Christopher had died.

Sonja appeared on the first season of the reality competition show but left a lasting legacy that is still remembered years later.

New Survivor fans can watch Sonja playing on Survivor: Borneo, where the world was introduced to host Jeff Probst.

Her season is available for streaming on Paramount+, and Sonja was a big factor in the series premiere.

Liz Wilcox from Survivor 46 broke the news of Sonja’s passing, letting everyone know she had passed.

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It led to a rush of support from people who had known her, appeared on the show with her, or reported on Survivor alums over the years.

Jeff Probst shares a message about Sonja Christopher

“Sonya was one of the kindest people to ever play Survivor. Every interaction I had with her over the years was lovely.  She would always greet you with a smile on her face and joy in her heart,” Jeff wrote about Sonja’s passing.

“I’m honored that our paths got to cross,” Jeff’s online message ended

Many Survivor alums react to Sonja’s passing

The comment section of Jeff’s post was filled with Survivor alums and fans reacting to Sonja’s passing.

“An Original Old School Survivor. Legend. Sending love and light to Sonja’s family,” wrote Survivor winner Ethan Zohn.

“🙏🏼 and ♥️ to Sonja’s Family sincerest Condolences . A true OG ♥️🔥♥️🔥♥️🔥,” posted Survivor winner Boston Rob Mariano.

“Sonja was the original old school survivor paving the way for all of us. May her memory be a blessing. 💙,” wrote Survivor and The Amazing Race alum Eliza Orlins.

Several fans also pointed out that Jeff’s note spelled Sonja’s name wrong.

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Survivor Sonja Passing Comments
Survivor alums leave notes for Sonja. Pic credit: @SurvivorCBS/Instagram

More news from Survivor

The current Survivor season is still airing episodes on Wednesday nights. Viewers will learn about the Survivor 46 winner later this spring.

Hunter McKnight shared why he saved his Immunity Idol. It was a Survivor 46 mistake that could haunt him for a while.

Many Survivor fans are also mad about Hunter’s elimination, sharing their frustrations online about his gameplay and people targeting him.

Jeff Probst has been pushing people to apply for upcoming seasons of Survivor. Filming will take place soon for Survivor 47 and Survivor 48.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+. That includes the all-winners season (Survivor 40) and Sonja Christopher’s appearance (Survivor 1).

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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