Jennifer Lawrence is speaking out in defense of her longtime friend Amy Schumer.

Amy was profiled for a new piece in Variety, in which spoke about what’s happening in Gaza and how she really feels about Israel PM Netanyahu‘s actions.

If you didn’t know, Amy is one of several celebs who have voiced opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict and she has faced both praise and backlash for her comments.

Jennifer discussed the backlash and how Amy is more equipped to handle it than she would be.

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“At this point, the expectation for scrutiny is so embedded in my DNA, I wouldn’t know how to operate differently,” Jennifer said.

Amy’s choice to use her voice to speak for justice puts her under immense fire,” she added. “I wouldn’t say she navigates it so much as she throws her middle fingers up and walks away from negative comments like a gas station fire in a Michael Bay movie.”

In the interview, Amy also talked about her plans to make a movie with Jennifer.

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