Padma Lakshmi is opening up about leaving Top Chef after 19 seasons as host.

The 53-year-old also served as a consulting producer for three seasons, before becoming an executive producer for seven seasons.

In June 2023, Padma shocked fans as she announced she was leaving the show.

Now, nearly a year later, she’s opening up about one of the reasons for her exit and the legacy of the hit series.

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“It was really taking a toll on me physically to digest that much food in a day,” she told Harper’s Bazaar about why she left.

“I’m really proud of the legacy I helped build in all these countries around the world and for two generations of young people,” she added about leaving a legacy. “I didn’t know what an amuse-bouche was, and for that reason I will always root for Top Chef. That’s my family; [My daughter] Krishna grew up on that set. I like to think that I had something to do with the success, but it was time to move on.”

Following her exit, season 10 winner Kristen Kish took over hosting duties!

Earlier this year, Kristen addressed taking over the hosting duties from Padma.

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