Is Maggie about to do something boneheaded?

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-15-24 say she will take bold action to keep Konstantin in the United States. 

Everyone but her seems aware that Konstantin is pulling the wool over her eyes, so why is Maggie so naive?

Spoilers for the Week of 4-15-24 - Days of Our Lives

Konstantin already discussed marriage for the sake of his green card, but Maggie said she’d rather talk to a lawyer about how else to prevent Konstantin from having to leave the United States.

I wish it would stay that way. I’d love for Maggie to foil Konstantin’s plans. Unfortunately, it’s a tired soap trope that characters initially refuse to do something, only to change their minds for various ridiculous reasons.

Julie Worries About Chanel - Days of Our Lives

Maggie’s ignorance of Konstantin’s true motives has been frustrating since the beginning of this story. This woman was Victor’s equal, pushing him to be a better man and never letting him get away with nonsense.

On the rare occasions Victor got one over on Maggie, it was temporary, and she confronted him about his behavior almost immediately.

That’s not the same woman with stars in her eyes for Konstantin. I know Maggie is supposed to be a grieving widow, but this doesn’t seem like brain fog from grief or loneliness.

It’s more like intentionally ignoring red flags because she wants to believe Konstantin is a good guy. That’s not Maggie!

It’s too bad this is a story about a schemer getting one over on a suddenly gullible widow. When Konstantin woos Maggie, it gives viewers a glimpse of what might have been had this been a love story.

The pseudo-romance is played just right. We could have had a brilliant, emotional story about Maggie struggling with her feelings for Victor’s best friend so soon after her husband’s death.

Instead, the best we can hope for is that Kon the Con falls for Maggie for real, as often happens in Salem.

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Chanel Goes Missing During a Storm - Days of Our Lives

Chanel and Johnny’s honeymoon goes from bad to worse after Chanel disappears during a snowstorm!

Chanel and Johnny don’t enjoy having Julie as a houseguest during their honeymoon, but things go from bad to worse when Chanel disappears during the snowstorm.

I’d rather this story took place in February, but some areas of the US still get snow, so it’s semi-plausible. Chanel wandering off during a blizzard, no matter how aggravated she is with Julie’s interruptions, doesn’t make sense.

Hopefully, we’re not in for another senseless kidnapping story, and Chanel is only the victim of bad weather.

Brady and Theresa Double Down - Days of Our Lives

Brady and Theresa double down on trying to keep Tate and Holly apart.

When are these two going to realize that this does not work?

Holly and Tate even told each other they wanted to be together more because their parents had forbidden it. Brady and Theresa were once super rebellious teenagers, so how do they not know they’re only pushing the kids closer together?

A far better solution would be only to allow them to see each other with adult supervision since Holly can’t be trusted after the drug fiasco.

EJ's Press Conference - Days of Our Lives

EJ’s press conference leads to a confrontation with Chad and Xander.

Once again, this story is missing JJ Deveraux. It would have been so much fun for him to follow in his father’s footsteps and confront EJ during a press conference.

However, Chad and Xander blocking EJ’s path as he tries to run away from reporters’ questions should be fun.

How soon will it come out that Stefan is the one who shot Harris and that both EJ and Harris are keeping that to themselves for their own reasons?

Paulina's Radioactivity Treatment Causes Danger - Days of Our Lives

Paulina escapes the hospital to search for Chanel, leading to a dangerous situation for everyone.

What started as a realistic story about Paulina’s thyroid treatment will descend into silliness. This is par for the course for Days of Our Lives. Can’t we have one medical tale that doesn’t turn into nonsense?

Paulina will run away from the isolation chamber while still radioactive, hoping to help find Chanel. This could create a dangerous situation for everyone as no one is supposed to be exposed to her level of radioactivity.

Not only could Paulina’s condition cause Chanel or anyone else to develop cancer, but now there will be two missing people to search for instead of one. Plus, Paulina shouldn’t be able to get to Smith Island during a blizzard.

The sooner this silly story is over, the better.

Konstantin's Card Is MIssing - Days of Our Lives

Konstantin realizes his Pawn card is missing.

Thomas found and stole Konstantin’s Pawn card, which Konstantin needs to mesmerize John and use him to carry out his revenge plan.

Maybe this will cause Maggie and Konstantin to split for the sake of drama, preventing their farce of a wedding.

We can hope, can’t we?

Maggie Makes a Bold Move - Days of Our Lives

Will Maggie agree to marry Konstantin to keep him in Salem?

As reported above, Maggie makes this bold but stupid move.

Now our only hope is that someone interrupts the wedding.

Maybe Theresa will grow a conscience, or Thomas will accidentally brainwash John with that card. Something has to happen to stop this!

Eric Still Has Questions - Days of Our Lives

Eric continues to wonder where all of Sloan’s money is going.

Eric should have realized something was fishy a long time ago. Leo keeps making sarcastic comments that would sound like confessions if Eric ever paid attention to them.

Better late than never, I guess, but sheesh.

Hopefully, Eric continues to get a clue. It’s beyond time for him to learn the truth about that baby he and Sloan “adopted,” especially since the lawsuit  Arianne Zucker filed against Days of Our Lives means Nicole’s days on the soap are numbered.

Everett Lies About Therapy - Days of Our Lives

Everett pretends to Stephanie that he is still doing hypnotherapy.

Everett’s lies are designed to make viewers think he’s a bad guy.

Yet there’s a more straightforward explanation. He doesn’t remember his life as Bobby Stein, doesn’t want to sign papers under false pretenses, is scared of what he saw while under hypnosis, and wants everyone to leave him the hell alone about this.

It’s ridiculous that everyone jumps to “he’s a sociopath” and acts like amnesia isn’t a thing in Salem when Stephanie’s father thought he was a guy named Nick Stockton for a long time, and we just had an entire year of Abe’s inability to remember Paulina or their life together.

Rafe Pressures Everett - Days of Our Lives

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