It’s been a few months since FROM Season 2 Episode 10 came and went, with an ending so shocking, many fans are still recovering.

Since its debut, FROM has been nothing short of a thrilling mystery, with a gripping hook and an even better cast to tie everything together.

And while it’s not known when the series will be back for its third season (though we do know they are currently filming!), that won’t stop me from speculating about what could be in store for us when the series returns!

In case you need a little refresher about where things were left at the end of FROM Season 2, the mystery music box was finally destroyed by Boyd, and with it, Marielle, Randall, and Julie woke up.

The demise of the music box seemingly set the town right again. The cicada buzzing was no longer heard, and eyes were not rolled into the backs of heads.

Boyd Looks For Answers - FROM Season 2 Episode 10

It was like a light flipped, and poof! Things were back to normal, or as normal as they could ever be.

But while all that was happening, Tabitha was out in the woods where she found the lighthouse, climbed to the top, and was promptly pushed out the window by the boy in white.

Next, we saw her waking up in a hospital. Yes, an actual hospital with other human beings and a bustling town outside the hospital windows, a visual that had both Tabitha and the audience collectively confused.

Since that mind-blowing ending, there have been MANY theories floating around. With FROM, you can come up with any theory you like, and until disproven, who’s to say it’s wrong?

I’ve seen a theory or seven that Tabitha is Eloise, Victor’s sister, and wouldn’t that be something? If you watch the season closely, there are tiny clues pointing to a bond between Victor and Tabitha, which neither seems to understand properly.

Exchanging Info - FROM Season 2 Episode 10

And they may not understand it because perhaps Eloise/Tabitha made it out of the town in her youth with no memory of her time there.

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While Victor spent his life in town, Eloise/Tabitha was dropped back into civilization, where she lived a whole life, met Jim, had children, and then unironically ended up back in the nightmarish hellscape.

I don’t buy into the theory necessarily for various reasons, but it’s one I’ve seen bandied around quite a bit.

For starters, the ages don’t sync up from what we’ve seen. But with Victor’s suppression of his memories as a trauma symptom, and perhaps Eloise/Tabitha’s doing the same once she materialized back in the real world, who’s to say this theory is totally bogus?

Ultimately, it’s much more likely there’s a connection between Tabitha and Victor that both don’t actively recognize, but them being siblings? Again, I don’t buy it, but I’d be foolish to say it’s not something to consider.

Tabitha & Jade Work Together - FROM Season 2 Episode 9

Whether you buy that theory or not, one thing we can successfully surmise is that Tabitha has made it out of the town.

I love to joke that you just can’t take anything at face value on FROM because it’s all so damn confounding, but Tabitha was definitely in a hospital and definitely amongst new people we’d never seen before.

Unless she is hallucinating and is actually lying at the bottom of that lighthouse, she made it out.

But where will she go from here? And where exactly is she?

St. Anthony’s Hospital is where exactly? Is she in the town she and her family are from?

Victor Helps - FROM Season 2 Episode 10

Is she near where the Matthews were when encountering the tree?

So. Many. Questions.

It’ll be interesting to discover what Tabitha remembers because it’s not totally clear what she knows in the few minutes spent with her when she wakes up covered in scratches and is told that she’s been in the hospital for several days.

She mutters a series of ‘no’s,’ indicating she’s fully aware that she’s been effectively separated from her family and returned to the land of the people not trapped in Murderville, but maybe she’s more confused than we realize.

It looks like we’re poised to get two separate stories, at least to start the season, as Tabitha will have to figure out how to reach her family. And her family, as well as those in the town, will be desperate to figure out what happened to her.

Boyd Searches - FROM Season 2 Episode 10

On the one hand, once everyone realizes Tabitha is good and truly missing, you have to assume many will believe she died. In that town, death is rampant and unrepentant, and Tabitha was off on her own, so her not making it out of those woods would be a logical conclusion.

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Though, I can’t imagine Jim, Julie, or Ethan believing that to be the case.

They won’t be content to give up on Tabitha, which may place people at odds with one another, something we’ve seen repeatedly in the series.

There will also be the Victor factor in all this, as he knows the most about what Tabitha was up to and harbors the most information out of anyone.

Might we see some group journeys into the forest? Might we see Boyd, as the de facto leader, take it upon himself again to venture out there and try to find Tabitha?

Hurt Tabitha - FROM Season 2 Episode 5

Considering the state of the town, which was literally on its last leg when Tabitha disappeared, they may be more interested in picking up the pieces than looking for someone who knew the risks and willingly took off on what amounted to a wild goose chase.

It’ll be interesting to see the series split between two different worlds and see what that looks like.

The series has shied away from overt flashbacks, outside of FROM Season 1 Episode 8, where we saw how the Stevens family ended up in the town and what happened to Abby.

It still stands through the first twenty episodes as one of the best, but the flashbacks were relegated to the town. Outside of the scenes in the car headed to their nightmare, nothing pre-dated their arrival.

We haven’t seen the “real world” in FROM land, so seeing Tabitha there and juxtaposing it with the town will be pretty neat.

A Discovery - FROM Season 2 Episode 8

Outside of Tabitha’s plight and what will happen there, it’ll be fascinating to see how the town picks up the pieces in the aftermath of the cicadas, thinking they were all going to die the minute they closed their eyes.

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The town was in total disarray, more so than usual, and it’s hard to imagine everyone bouncing back from that and things snapping back into place seamlessly.

Everyone was broken, facing their immortality in a brand new way. While they may have dodged one evil, it’s not as if suddenly they can leave or the monsters have given up their reign of terror.

Jade’s off on his scavenger hunt, making inroads but doing it all himself.

Sara still has her freaky ability to communicate with monsters and whatever else inhabits the town.

Sara At The Station - FROM Season 2 Episode 10

Victor knows a lot about a lot of things, and he’ll be the greatest asset Jim and his family have in finding Tabitha.

Boyd will always Boyd and try to save the day.

This may be the season when everyone actually talks to one another and starts making some serious moves.

That’s if some new fear doesn’t take over the town next.

As I said before, FROM is one of those shows where you can throw just about any idea and theory out there and hope that something sticks.

It’s one of the funner aspects of the horror series.

And heading into the much-anticipated FROM Season 3, it’s very safe to assume we’ll see another season of panic, shenanigans, inner turmoil, and terrifying creatures.

And maybe, just maybe, everyone will get one step closer to going home.

What do you think, TV fanatics? Is FROM Season 3 destined to ba a classic?

Hit the comments section below to share your thoughts!

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